Saturday, March 14, 2020

Facing Challenges in Works of Literature Essays

Facing Challenges in Works of Literature Essays Facing Challenges in Works of Literature Essay Facing Challenges in Works of Literature Essay Jon Krakauer’s, Into Thin Air, is a personal account of his 1996 ascent to Mt.Everest of the Himalayas that tragically led to the death of eight climbers and several others injured physically and mentally.With several his fellow climbers dead, Krakauer cannot fathom the inevitable situation on the mountain.His narrative begins with him trying to descend the summit while conquering altitude sickness, and later describes the history of Everest along with how he got the opportunity to climb it.Later, Krakauer details, his journey to the foot of Everest, from Kathmandu to meeting his fellow climbers and guide Rob Hall.The story then proceeds by base camps until they finally reach the summit and have to descend.A blizzard erupts and suddenly, there is very limited to no visibility and Krakauer makes it back to the the camps, while guides, and fellow climbers are still on the mountain with no mobility, company, nor strength, along with frostbites. This recount of events all combined produces quite a powerful narrative. Every influential story includes a challenge that seems impossible, which Krakauer suitably did in this book. He leads into the challenge of the descending Everest with being frost bitten and sick by conquering the challenge of ascending Everest.This book included a turn of events with one challenge being over, but another arising creating a factor curiosity and excitement in the reader as to what will happen to Krakauer, his respected guides and fellow climbers. Similarly, in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, author Mark Haddon inflicted his protagonist with the challenge of the neurological disorder, autism. Christopher’s disorder can be characterized by not being social, being superstitious, and curious. Since he has this disease, the reader is often questioning what Chris would do to solve a challenge in the book as opposed to a person without autism may be inferred.Both stories incl ude

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